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“In this age of shrinking B&P budgets it’s all about getting the highest quality for my dollar. Assistech is the first place I go for proposal support because they always provide qualified professionals who bring good ideas and innovation to the proposal.”

–C.R., Zimmerman Associates, Inc.



  • Manage the proposal document for the Proposal Manager
  • Maintain storyboards working with all team members for compliance and timely submission of drafts
  • Manage document with production staff to meet all milestones and final submission date

Conceptual Graphics Specialist

  • All skills necessary to apply creativity and interpretation skills to the development of proposal graphics, as well as presentation, sales, technical marketing materials and collateral projects
  • Ability to interpret RFP in conceptual terms that effectively translates the proposal story
  • Highly skilled in Microsoft Office software as well as all standard drawing and illustration packages