“Assistech supports Northrop Grumman’s Business Acquisition Capture and Proposals phases by providing high quality resources to fill gaps or provide a niche not available on the bench. Assistech has a proven history of effectively supporting NG’s quick turn environment while also following our company policies and system processes.”

–R.A.S., Northrop Grumman


Capture Manager

  • Analyze the RFP: What does the government really want?
  • Determine relative strengths and weaknesses relative to competition
  • Provide input for Bid/No-Bid decision based on resources and cost vs. probability of win
  • Develop Capture Plan and work with Proposal Manager to ensure all proposal content is compliant with capture plan

Proposal Manager

Direct the entire proposal process, from RFP receipt to final submission.

  • Organize the proposal effort: Develop proposal outline and schedule
  • Conduct RFP compliance check
  • Determine boilerplate items vs. original items needed
  • Organize the proposal team
  • Make writing assignments and manage deadlines

Manage the proposal writing process, including proposal cost, deadlines, and delivery date.

  • Conduct RFP compliance check
  • Integrate, edit, and publish draft for Red Team review
  • Analyze Red Team comments
  • Make corrections and organize final proposal edit for publication

Volume Manager

  • Ownership of a discreet proposal volume reporting to Proposal Manager
  • Manage proposal team members for that volume including subcontractors
  • Control schedule for volume for accurate and timely submissions from all writers

Oral Presentation Specialist

  • Preparation of presentation slides that follow the RFP instructions for style, content, and number and/or time allowance
  • Script preparation for slides along with a script book for each presenter
  • Consultant will work with the presenters to produce a presentation that is excellent in every respect: diction, pronunciation, emphasis, voice, pace, rhythm, poise, eye contact, facial expressions, gestures and body language. Prepare the speakers to deal effectively with questions, interruptions, sudden changes in focus, etc. Participate in formal and informal critiques

Subject Matter Expertise for Color Team Reviews

  • Determine that the proposal is in full compliance with the RFP
  • Checks that themes and discriminators are used effectively throughout the proposal and used to ghost the competition
  • Recommends changes that can be implemented easily to improve the proposal before it is finalized