The Experienced Team at Assistech Consistently Provides a High Level of Service to Our Customers

Our strength in proposal services is in providing our customers with high levels of qualified staffing using proven procedures and techniques that are required by this solicitation. As demonstrated in our past and present performance, Assistech is capable of and committed to, providing consistent quality levels of services to our customers.
Assistech maintains a dynamic database of qualified candidates across all skill sets that we support. It is updated almost daily and purged monthly to remove candidates no longer available for work. It is important to note that Assistech always draws from its core consulting group of approximately 25 consultants before going to our database. This is a key reason for our success. Quite a number of our proposal consultants have been with us for 15 – 20 years. We know the quality of their work, and more importantly, our customers know the quality of their work. It is the usual practice among our customers to ask for specific consultants by name because of the relationship that has been built over many years of service.

One added strength is that Assistech is never closed. We respond 24×7 and always within 30 minutes of a customer call.

This gives us the ability to respond to a weekend crisis or a last minute requirement for proposal help.
When a requirement is presented to us, specific resources are identified and we weigh the respective strengths and weaknesses against the requirement. We then narrow down our candidates to no more than one or two based on skills and years of experience. Through this down select process, we are only presenting our best qualified candidates that fit the identified requirement. We will assist further, when asked, by making a specific recommendation based on our knowledge of the candidate’s background and direct you toward the person we feel best fits the requirement. Often our customers will request a specific consultant because of a stated preference by the internal user group or because of their existing project knowledge.

Our Professional Solutions


Analyze the RFP: What does the government really want?

Writing / Editing

Ability to conceptualize and develop clearly written representations of win strategy.

Coordination / Graphics / Production

All skills necessary to apply creativity and interpretation to proposal materials.